Wild Wings Rescue
Finding a rehabilitator

Memphis and Surrounding Areas:

sibling mockingbirds

sibling Mockingbirds
Songbirds 678-576-1655
Ducks and Waterfowl
662-429-9263 or 901-517-5182 (Genie)
662-429-5105 (N. Mississippi)
901-488-0815 (Collierville)
Birds of Prey (hawk, owls, eagles, etc.)
Mid-South Raptor Rehabilitation Center - 901-685-8827 (Memphis)
Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc. - 662-429-5105 (Northern MS)
Mammals (squirrels, raccoons, deer, and other wildlife)
901-488-0815 (Collierville)
662-429-5105 (North Mississippi)

Wildlife Rehabilitators in Other Areas:


Remember any young animal with skin showing needs supplemental heat and a quiet place to rest until they reach a permitted wildlife rehabilitator.
Transport in a clean box (lid closed) with a soft cloth (free of loose threads). Add warmth as needed (a hot water bottle can be handy).
Can we Keep it? Although the animal is incredibly cute, and you are sorely tempted to care for it yourself, please think again - it is illegal to have *any* wildlife in your possession, and it is in the best interest of the animal to place it in the hands of experienced rehabbers who understand their medical, social and nutritional needs.
Thank you for caring and doing all you can do to rescue orphaned and injured wildlife.
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