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Feeding a baby bird

a juvenile Eastern Bluebird

a juvenile Eastern Bluebird

There are so many things that can go wrong when you try and feed a baby bird. But when that little beak is open and the baby is crying for food it is easy to pop something in their mouth and figure out later that it maybe wasn't the best option. Because it is so very tricky and there are so many things to consider, we've never posted information on feeding. But for those who need to know on a temporary basis, we are providing some general info and precautions. Please read all the info especially the precautions first section before feeding a baby bird.

Precautions first:

If you get in a tiny hatchling or nestling (naked with eyes closed) the steps to take to saving that baby bird is as follows:

foraging for worms and crickets

Hummingbirds, woodpeckers, swifts, doves and several other birds have totally different feeding and husbandry needs.

It's important to determine what type of bird you have. Look at bird books or online once you have the baby warming and try to figure out what it is. It's easy when they have feathers or a parent screaming outside. :) If we aren't too busy we may be able to help with the I.D. if you can take a quick photo and send it via MMS, 678-576-1655.

If the bird fell from your chimney, don't even think about trying to feed it..... they are very very difficult and should be put back up in the chimney as soon as possible! See re-nesting section. If you want to drop a little drop of Pedialyte on the end of their beaks just before you put them back up that would be okay, but time is critical for these birds and they need to go back right away.

Doves etc., require special feeding techniques and you will need help. These birds do not open their beaks for food, so call for assistance.

Killdeer and other birds that are tiny but run around calling for food rather than naked and helpless are also difficult, so call if you have one of these guys in and can't get reunited with their parents.

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